Episode 44 – Inception Drive

This week we covered:

  • Court decal weekly – slip by Ash Brazill on SSN decal just before quarter time in Round 12
  • Cody Lange does her ACL at training last week
  • Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusion in Sport guidelines launched for IDAHOBiT day
  • Laura Geitz given June deadline to make decision on whether she makes a comeback
  • Ingles announces retirement
  • Marinkovich, Wright and Anderson appointed Fast 5 coaches
  • Australian WYC team announced
  • A full review of all four games in Super Netball round 13
  • Previewing Round 14 of Super Netball

Plus the usual ramblings and non netball related rantings relayed via a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream…

Check out this episode!

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