Episode 35 – Slippery Little Suckers

This week, with the help of special guest Erin Delahunty, we covered:

  • The Super Netball TV coverage, what changed, what worked and what didn’t. Along with discussing the rating figures.
  • The court decals – multiple slips by players over the weekend with the decals and courts generally seeming to be more slippery and hazardous than last season. 
  • What teams surprised us in the first week, which disappointed.
  • Tactical timeouts – what were our opinions on this new rule?
  • The rumour that Erin Burger has been approached to play for the Firebirds to replace Mahalia Cassidy. Apparently she’s currently considering the offer.
  • Apple growers sponsorship of 600k with NA – showing the growing ability of NA to be able to attract sponsorship 
  • First round of Vitality Superleague kicking off over last weekend with plenty of ex-pats over there. Shows the growing power of the UK league.
  • A full review of all four games in Super Netball round 1.
  • Previewing Round 2 of Suncorp Super Netball.

Plus the usual ramblings and non netball related rantings delivered first class to your ears from us.

Check out this episode!

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