Episode 8 – We Fix The ANZ Championship

Welcome to a regular sized episode 8 of our weekly netball podcast discussing what’s happening in netball in Australia and New Zealand (and England this week)

On this week’s show we covered

  • Storm defeating Thunder to win Superleague by 2. Dan Ryan says that maybe extra umpires are required due to the pace of the game and is unhappy with a decision late in the game 

  • Disappointment that Thunderbirds failed to wear white armbands as promised for #standwithkaren campaign

  • Waimarama Taumaunu to work with England Netball 

From this week’s games

  • Big margins in games – bad for the competition?

  • What is going on with the Pulse and Mystics?

  • Getting a good idea of where teams are going to finish

  • Firebirds and Swifts seem well ahead of other teams. Is anyone else going to challenge them?

  • Are Steel the real thing?

  • Tippett tunneled while in the air. Do we need to crack down on this?

  • Madi Robinson – 100 games

Links from this week’s show:

Manchester Thunder head coach Dan Ryan angered by late oversight by umpires

Netball Superleague Website

Waimarama Taumaunu to link up with England Netball

Stand With Karen Campaign

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